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May 24, 2024



GLPS Families,

As you have already heard from me a couple of times this week, with the tragic events last Saturday in Wacousta and the internet outage on Wednesday, I am going to keep my weekly update short today.

  1. As we head into the long Memorial Day weekend, it is important that we pause to reflect on why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place. It is a time to remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy every day, and for us to appreciate the sacrifices that members of our armed forces and their families make on behalf of the United States of America. Along with your travel plans, barbeques, and other fun activities this weekend, please make sure to remember the importance of the day and what it means to our country and its citizens.
  1. Today was the last day for our class of 2024 seniors, and I want to congratulate our students on all they have accomplished in their time here with us! It has been fun to see and hear about the multiple senior celebrations that have taken place the last couple of weeks, and we look forward to seeing all of the seniors and their families at the Breslin Center for graduation on June 7th!
  1. Speaking of the high school, we know that it is hot in many parts of the school. We apologize for the discomfort this has caused for those in the school every day, or those visiting for events. The current heating and cooling system is simply not able to keep up with the demand on the building, which is why the entire system is being replaced this summer and next summer as part of the bond projects. Unfortunately, because of the location of the pipes and other components, the construction work is not able to be safely completed while there are students and staff in the building, which is why it is spread out over two summers. To make matters worse this week, our maintenance team discovered a leak in one of the hoses, which caused the system to leak coolant, which made the problem worse. Repair is under way as we speak, so we should see improvements next week. Forecasted cooler air temperatures will help as well.
  1. Finally, we are pleased to share that Wacousta secretary Cindy Zerbe was named Watertown Township’s citizen of the year! As anyone who is a part of the Wacousta family knows, Cindy is well deserving of this honor! To read more about the award, and why Cindy received it, please click here

That is all I have for this week. Again, I appreciate your flexibility on Wednesday, and I appreciate your support every day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and your students. As always, I am #proudtobeacomet!

Dr. Bill Barnes
Superintendent of Schools